Tips for the ultimate men’s skin fade haircut

What is a skin fade? 


The fade hairstyle is a increasingly popular short hair style for men.


The style shows the hair at the sides and back cut as close as possible with clippers and "fades," or tapers, up into almost any length on top.


The hair on top can then be styled neatly or given a messy texture with gel, paste, or pomade.


There are three types of skin fade:


  • A "high skin fade" may almost reach the crown of your head before it gets longer, which leaves a lot of exposed skin.
  • A "medium skin fade" will begin to get longer right around the middle of your head.
  • A "low skin fade" reveals very less skin—just leaving short hairs that get longer as it runs up to the crown of your head.




Skin fades first became popular in the 80’s and 90’s in and around the hip hop culture.


Today, most male celebrity figures you can think of have had or are currently sporting a skin fade - David Beckham, Adam Levine, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ryan Reynolds, Brad Pitt and Zayn Malik. 


How to get the perfect skin fade 


First, find a point above the ears for your first section, perhaps about an inch above the ears.


Then cut the hair to a very short length from the bottom of the hairline up to that point, working around the entire head — use your clippers (shortest setting zero), mini-trimmers, t-liners, or a cut-throat razor to get a super sharp and fresh look.


Next, repeat the process on the next section directly above the previously clipped area (perhaps a half-inch higher), changing the clipper setting up a notch.


This will allow the hair to gradually “fade” away as it gets down to the ears.


Build rhythm using small and fast strokes to take away small bits of hair, rather than long strokes to take away chunks of hair.


Always clear the area with the fading brush in order to see if the hair is faded and free of imperfections.


Keep repeating the process until you reach the top of the sides of the head.


If there are any uneven areas or ‘steps’, go back over them with scissors or mini-trimmers and a fine-toothed comb to blend in the steps.


After you have finished the fade leaving no imperfections, use a razor or mini-trimmers to “shape up” the perimeter of the hair in order to accentuate the level of detail and to produce an extra sharp look.


Finally, cut the hair on the top as you wish, whether a long- or short-haired style.


The devil is in the details - our experience.


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