Handsome devils tattoo & barber club

The hottest new barbers in Walsall, Handsome devils has recently opened at 61-63 Alexandra Road, Walsall, WS14DX.

With highly skilled barbers, specially trained in men’s haircuts and bear trimming, Handsome devils is the go-to place in Walsall for your skin fade haircuts and beard trimming.

And that’s not all!

Encompassing every inch of the ultimate gentleman’s lifestyle, not only are we are top rated men’s barbers but we also have a tattoo studio right next door – Perfect for the devil within you.

So, if you wish to be a part of the handsome devil club, come and visit us in Walsall, but first, do read on to learn more about the handsome devils tattoo and barber club.

Handsome Devils - Walsall

About the Handsome devils tattoo and barber club in Walsall

What we stand for at Handsome devils is more than your typical male barbers and tattoo artists – It’s a way of life for the modern gentleman, the gentleman whose skin fade is a part of his identity and for who the bear is a modern-day asset to impress.

Award winning customer service, the best care and the best artists – Expect nothing less than the best from the handsome devils.

You as our customer can rest assured your hair and beard are in safe hands  - You devil you!

Great staff, friendly, great service and cut, highly recommend!

Our exclusive Walsall barber shop

First, let me introduce you to our barbers.

Our two barbers are the hottest thing in Walsall when it comes to skin fades and beard trimming services.

With a fine attention to detail and over 25 combined years’ experience in the men’s barbering business, we know what it takes to deliver the perfect skin fade haircut.

With fine décor, the latest beats, a refreshing drink and an atmosphere like no other, this is Walsall’s most exciting new barbers.

And it’s not just hair we do!

Of course, the modern-day gentleman is more than just a haircut – The beard, in fact the most immaculate trimmed beard is an essential part of identity for the modern gentleman.

Finely trimmed beards, that come with beautiful faces of all shapes and sizes deserve attention.

From finding your beard shape, to blending in your sideburns and fine tuning around your lips and nostrils, our precision perfect beard trimmer will ensure that special attention is given to every area of your beard.

Walk-ins are welcome at our men’s barbers, but you can also book online using Booksy: https://booksy.com/en-gb/84772_handsome-devils-tattoo-and-barber-club_barber-shop_1323978_walsall#ba_s=sr_1

Walsall’s best tattoo studio

Complementing our men’s barbers and of course an essential part of the everyday hipster and modern-day gentleman’s life is the Tattoo.

Our Walsall tattoo studio consists of 3 of Walsall’s best tattoo artists.

If you are looking for a real statement piece that will stand the test of time or even a little personal tribute tattoo for that special memory, our highly skilled tattoo artists can bring your idea to life and deliver you the most perfect piece of skin art.

There are artists who specialise in all types of tattoos including:

  • Portrait tattoos
  • Full sleeve tattoos
  • Half sleeve tattoos
  • Memorial tattoos
  • Realism tattoos
  • Traditional tattoos
  • Cover up tattoos
  • And custom & personal tattoos that are unique to you and only you.

If you are looking to discuss getting pen to paper and bringing your dream tattoo idea to life, then there are a few ways you can get started with us:

- Complete the contact us form by clicking here

- Email us at hello@thehandsomedevilsclub.co.uk

- Message us on Instagram at @handsomedevils_club

- Message us on Facebook at @handsomedevils.club.walsall

Or of course, pop in and see us at 61-63 Alexandra Road, Walsall, WS14DX.


Our hot ‘n’ fresh range of merch!

And to top it all off and taking it back to where we started, we have the freshest merchandise in town.

With advocates of the Handsome devils brand across the UK and USA – Our clothing has been worn by Instagram’s top influencers, some of the world’s biggest alternative tattoo models and even boxing champion Martin Ghettin and 2022 Olympic games medallist and pro-boxer Ben Whittaker.

We have merch for all ages and body shapes including those little devils, view the range right here:

Men’s attire https://thehandsomedevilsclub.co.uk/collections/mens

Women’s attire https://thehandsomedevilsclub.co.uk/collections/women

Little devils https://thehandsomedevilsclub.co.uk/collections/little-devils


Want to know more?

You can come and see us Tuesday – Saturday from 10am until 6pm at 61-63 Alexandra Road, Walsall, WS14DX.

For our mens barbers in Walsall, walk-ins are welcome and we promise that even at the busiest of times you won’t be waiting longer than 20 minutes, or, you can book online using booksy.

Looking to discuss your tattoo? You can always drop in to discuss your idea, however tattoos are by booking only which can be done using one of the ways below:

- Complete the contact us form by clicking here

- Email us at hello@thehandsomedevilsclub.co.uk

- Message us on Instagram at @handsomedevils_club

- Message us on Facebook at @handsomedevils.club.walsall